Sherri Douville is CEO and board member at Medigram, the Mobile Medicine company. She is recognized on top U.S. CEO lists in several (8) categories of technology and healthcare by CEO, Boardroom Media as one of the highest ranking tech executives on Crunchbase. She is a best selling, repeat editor, lead author, and contributor to a 3rd forthcoming book defining advanced technology for medicine (Taylor & Francis 2022). Sherri is the co-chair of the IEEE/UL JV for the technical trust standard project for Clinical IoT in medicine, P2933. She is passionate about redefining technology, software and data for medicine and advanced health technologies in a way that's worth the trust of clinicians, our family, and friends.

Academic graduate level publications:

Douville, S. (Ed.). (2021). Mobile Medicine: Overcoming People, Culture, and Governance (1st ed.). Productivity Press.

Douville, S. (Ed.). (2023). Advanced Health Technology: Managing Risk While Tackling Barriers to Rapid Acceleration (1st ed.). Productivity Press.

Platt, J., Douville, S., Mongoven, A. (2022). How Can We Trust in IoT? The Role of Engineers in Ensuring Trust in the Clinical IoT Ecosystem. In: Hudson, F.D. (eds) Women Securing the Future with TIPPSS for Connected Healthcare. Women in Engineering and Science. Springer, Cham.

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