Confusion, Strife, Challenge: What to Expect With Tech Sector Regulatory Change Related to Privacy Practices

Organizations do not do change well. If you believe that your company will be impacted by new requirements for privacy, read this to understand what to expect.

How Regulatory Change Will Impact Your Company

Tech is About to be Challenged in Extraordinary Ways

Widespread Backlash to Non Existent Data Privacy is Here

As I said in this post, about regulatory inflection; all major regulatory shifts in any industry will go through phases of loss (of the old way of doing business) beginning with denial, it’s human and organizational behavior:



How Did the Regulatory Restrictions Affect My Work in BioPharma?

Regulatory Inflection Was One of the Best Things That Happened For Me Personally

Career Shaping Challenges

“After years of bad press, and with mounting fears of a regulatory crackdown, drugmakers adopted a voluntary code of conduct in the 2000’s that, among other restrictions, permits only “modest, occasional meals” in “appropriate circumstances,” facilitating “the exchange of medical and scientific information.”[1]

Regulatory Inflection Made Me the Data Driven Leader I am Today

Privacy Practices are the Challenge to Tech What Marketing Practices Were/Are to BioPharma

An ethical conundrum of misalignment in transition

Be Careful How You Predict or Categorize Who Will Bring the Most Mediocre Losing Behaviors to Your Organization

Today, I’m thrilled to get to lead Medigram, Inc. where we have always known this regulatory inflection was coming and have been building for it from the start.

Regulatory inflection and failure to adapt will bring out the very worst in mediocre people, no matter what their credentials are or how much a lot about them glitters, or perhaps especially if things about them glitter.

-Sherri Douville, CEO at Medigram

Be prepared.

By Sherri Douville, CEO at Medigram, the Mobile Medicine company. Recognized in 8 categories of top CEOs by Board Room Media (Across SMS, mHealth, iOS, IT, Database, Big Data, Android, Healthcare). Top ranked medical market executive worldwide and #1 ranked in mobile technologycategories (mhealth, iOS, Android), #1–2 (on any given day) for the cybersecurity market in the U.S. on Crunchbase. Best selling editor/author, Mobile Medicine: Overcoming People, Culture, and Governance & Advanced Health Technology: Managing Risk While Tackling Barriers to Rapid Acceleration, Taylor & Francis; Series Editor for Trustworthy Technology & Innovation + Trustworthy Technology & Innovation in Healthcare. (contracted to advise top academic and professional education publisher Routledge, Taylor & Francis).

Sherri is the co-chair of the IEEE/UL JV for the technical trust standard SG project for Clinical IoT in medicine, P2933. She is passionate about redefining technology, software and data for medicine and advanced health technologies in a way that’s worth the trust of clinicians, our family, and friends. Ms. Douville leverages her books to inform her work on the CHIMECDH security specialization certification. She also advises and co-founded the Cybersecurity curriculum for the Black Corporate Board Readiness and Women’s Corporate Board Readiness programs at Santa Clara University.



CEO @Medigram Mobile Intelligence For Healthcare

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