The Paradoxical Need For Ecosystems Despite Potentially Destructive Problems With Them

1) The best book for encountering egos “Unmasking Narcissism” 2) Finding NEMO

It’s Time To Play Fair on IP:

“U.S. Lawmakers have recently been calling out players for unfair, uncompetitive, and outright harmful actions recently.” They are responding to what this article calls ”clear evidence that their approach to other company’s patents is to steal first, fight it out in court later.” (Note that Fortune is widely known as pro-business and rated center-right on

Sherri Douville, “Multidisciplinary Approach to Healthcare IT” Presented to Stanford Medicine Care Scholars Innovation Series
From Business Insider Video on Incompetence of Criminal Gangs Resulting in Harms, Not Just Intent to Harm
Figure 1. Isenberg’s model of an entrepreneurship ecosystem [2]



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